19th Monterey Workshop
Challenges and Opportunity with Big Data

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October 8-11, 2016
Beijing, China

About the Monterey Workshop Series

The workshop will be the 19th in the Monterey workshop series, initiated in 1993 and devoted to exploring the critical problems associated with cost-effective development of high-quality software systems. Monterey workshops have a rich history of bringing together both American and European scientists that share a common interest in seeing that software development research serves as a catalyst for practical advances in next-generation software intensive systems. These workshops have been highly praised by participants for their high quality of presentations and discussions and given rise to many new collaborations that have significantly advanced the field. These last few years, the workshop has been held alternately in Europe and the United States.

2016 marks the 23rd anniversary for the Monterey Workshop series which started in 1993. For nearly a quarter of century, the Monterey Workshops have established themselves as an important international forum to foster, among academia, industry, and government agencies, discussion and exchange of ideas, research results and experience in developing software intensive systems, and have significantly advanced the field. The community of the workshop participants has grown to become an influential source of ideas and innovations and its impact on the knowledge economy has been felt worldwide.

This year, the workshop will be held in Beijing, co-located with the 16th International Simulation Multi-Conference (AsiaSim), China, on October 8-11 2016.


logo LNCS The proceedings of the workshop will be published by Springer Verlag as for 2002 (LNCS 2941), 2005 (LNCS 4322), 2006 (LNCS 4888), 2007 (LNCS 5320), 2008 (LNCS 6028), 2010 (LNCS 6662) and 2012 (LNCS 7359). The proceedings of the 2016 Monterey Workshop will also be edited by Springer Verlag in LNCS. You can see instructions there.

Given the interactive nature of the workshop, the proceedings will be published after the workshop to allow the participants to include the results of the discussion in their submissions. All submissions will be reviewed by the program committee before publication.

The workshop agenda and abstracts of presentations will be published on this website before the workshop, and presentation material will be available on this site afterwards, similar to the websites of previous workshops.


You can get the Monterey'2016 Poster here.

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